Monkeyin Around in Stockton

  • Toddler & Baby area perfect for the little ones
  • Throwing birthday parties is fun and easy
  • Multiple benefits when you purchase a membership
  • Fresh snacks and beverages for everyone
  • Nature/Nurture Room for breastfeeding mamas
We are excited to bring you the area’s cleanest and safest indoor children’s playground. Located in the Stonecreek Village Shopping Mall, Monkeyin Around has activities for all ages and offers open play, family nights, day camps and fundraising opportunities just to name a few!

Katrina Pierson, Founder

I remember being little and being that shy girl that hid behind my mom when she wanted to introduce me to someone and not wanting to talk to strangers. I then got married and had a husband to make the phone calls and do all the talking. Then I started working in Retail and had to jump in and talk to everyone. It was quite the adjustment for me, however with several excellent examples that I worked with it became natural. With much of my career in Retail Management I adapted and learned what It took to make my customers very happy. I thrive on turning them into regular customers that keep returning and we become somewhat like family. Having compassion especially when you can see someone is having a rough day and doing everything possible to make that day better, we can all make a difference.

I have lived In Stockton over 30 years and raised four children here and there has always been a need for children’s activities. Stockton is a big city with limited activities, and I feel our children deserve a safe, fun, clean, local indoor play area to go no matter the weather. I now have four grandchildren and with our busy schedules it was hard to drive out of town to find a place for them to play. I decided it was time to act on my lifelong dream to own my own business so I could make a difference in people’s lives. I am very excited to help create many great memories for children and their families while working with the community to make a difference.


Let Your Kids Have an Amazing
Birthday Party

Fun, Easy and No Cleanup

The Best Park for Children

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Our Team of Professionals

Julia Mann
Lead Teachers
Christine Miller
The Director
Amy Lee
Sally Parker
Jenny Moore
Our Hours

Our Hours

Sun – Thurs: 9:00am – 7:00pm
Fri – Sat: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Public Holidays: Closed